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Wedding dresses designed with fine details

We are aware of how important details are to you on your most special day.

We know that you want to be the most naïve, most beautiful name of the day on this great day when you will crown your union. As Jeyan Gedik family, we put all this at the forefront of our business and work for you with many years of experience.

We are here to make you happy by thinking about the wedding dresses we have designed with excitement to the finest details!

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Jeyan Gedik

Jeyan Gedik is one of the first fashion houses that comes to mind in Izmir when it comes to wedding dress design and haute couture - custom planting.
Jeyan Gedik, who graduated from the fashion design school in Izmir, has been designing wedding dresses and evening dresses for 24 years. She obtained a bachelor's degree in Classical Archaeology from Ege University. Jeyan Gedik, who attracted great attention at the Paris Fashion Shows and won design awards, was named "Best Designer" by modaturkiye site before starting to create her collection.

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Custom-Designed Wedding Dresses

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Custom-Designed Wedding Dresses

From You

  • Burcu&Akin
    I got my dream wedding dress thanks to Jeyan Gedik Modaevi and her team. After 3 rehearsals, I was very happy to receive my wedding dress. Thank you endlessly for your excellent and attentive work, attention and sensitivity to the customer. I'm very pleased. I recommend it to bride-to-be.
  • Tulin&Ali
    Different designs, excellent work, one-to-one friendly dialogue with the customer :) Ideal for brides-to-be who want to be different. Special sewing wedding dresses and evening dresses. Professional team
  • Buse&Ahmet
    I've done a lot of research. I've asked a lot. I've made up my mind. And I'm glad Jeyan Gedik sewed my wedding dress. I can't thank Miss Jeyan enough. To himself and his employees.
  • Moonlight&Sergen
    I wanted to be a simple, noble bride. I picked the right address. My wedding dress is still being talked about. Thank you Jeyan Gedik
  • Cansu&Mehmet
    Miss Jeyan sewed my graduation dress years ago. I went to him without hesitation. The designs are modern and stylish for me.
  • Nilay&Erdem
    An ideal fashion house for those who want bohemian and vintage style wedding dresses. Very high quality sewing and workmanship
  • Semiha&Engin
    I felt so comfortable and safe... I really wanted to be a very special bride.and I needed guidance and the right ideas.. I came to the right wedding dress was amazing. Super team!

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